Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup January 5 & 6, 2018

Víkingur Reykjavík

Iceland is the nation that has attracted the most attention in international soccer in recent years. The Icelandic team, Víkingur Reykjavík, is the first team that competes in Sindelfingen.

The Icelandic soccer legend, Ásgeir Sigurvinsson, who established the contact to Swabia, still has a “connection” to Stuttgart. From 1982 until 1990, he played 194 matches for VfB and won, among other things, the German championship.

Víkingur has won the Icelandic Champions as a professional player five times and is the incumbent cup winner in the U19 field. The two to one victory in the final against Fylkir FC was the last game of the current season by the end of September. In Iceland, the season starts in May due to the weather and ends in September/October. However, be aware, this is why indoor soccer is a known terrain for Icelanders. Víkingur arrives to Sindelfingen with three current youth international players. The coach of the U19 is Andri Marteinsson, who has played 20 international matches for Iceland.


Group A

Trainer: Andri Marteinsson

Co-Trainer: Thor Steinar Olafs

Physiotherapist: Isak Jonsson

Sport Director: Heimir Gunnlaugsson



Player number Name First name Date of birth
1 Auðunsson Emil Andri 15.05.2000
2 Árnason Sigfús Kjalar 27.10.1999
3 Gunnarsson Bjarki Bjorn 06.06.2000
4 Andrason Viktor Örlygur 05.02.2000
5 Eggertsson Örvar 28.02.1999
6 Bjarnason Georg 25.10.1999
7 Thorisson Thorir Rafn 23.05.2001
8 Tómasson Logi 13.09.2000
9 Thradarson Sölvi 07.09.1999
10 Daníelsson Sölvi 17.04.1999
11 Kristjánsson Bjarki 16.06.2001
13 Theodórsson Kolbeinn 25.08.2000


Víkingur at the JuniorCup:

First participation


Youth Players of Víkingur:

Kari Arnason | Kolbein Sigthorsson

Tournament schedule Víkingur Reykjavík
Time Opponent
12:01 pm -
12:20 pm
   Hertha BSC
1:55 pm -
2:15 pm
   Grasshopper Club Zürich
3:27 pm -
3:47 pm
   VfB Stuttgart
5:50 pm -
6:10 pm
   TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
Time Opponent
11:01 am -
11:20 am
   Panathinaikos Athen
1:01 pm -
1:20 pm
   Grasshopper Club Zürich