Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup January 5 & 6, 2018

Panathinaikos Athen

Panathinaikos Athens, a Greek team, plays for the first in the 28-year history of the Mercedes-Benz Junior Cup at the Glaspalast of Sindelfingen.

The professionals of the club have known better days, for example, when Panathinaikos made it to the final in the European Cup as the national champion in 1971. The club’s youth players have been known for their good work well beyond Greece.

Behind the quality are names. Georgios Karagounis, is the record winning national player of Greece with 139 international matches. He has passed through the entire youth of Panathinaikos, and has been a professional player at the club for ten years. He also competed for clubs such as Inter Milan and Benfica Lisbon. Kostas Fratzeskos is also a legend of the club. He participated in 38 international matches for Greece and holds to this day, the record for the free-kick goals of the national team. Today, he arrives to the Junior Cup as the U19 coach of the Panathinaikos team. Takis Fyssas, the director of the Youth Academy, has also competed in 60 international matches. Currently, six homegrown players belong to the professional team.


Group B

Trainer: Kostas Frantzeskos

Fitness Trainer: Dimitrios Chortsas

Physiotherapist: Ioannis Gryparis

Scout: Georgios Famelis



Player number Name First name Date of Birth
1 Christogeorgos Nikolaos  03.01.2000
2 Papathanasiou Georgios 20.06.2000
4 Zervopoulos Christos 11.01.1999
5 Xepapadakis Evangelos  12.01.1999
6 Michael Raphael  11.08.2000
7 Fratzeskos Orfeas 12.10.2000
8 Skenterai Antriano  26.04.2000
9 Christodoulou Michalis  06.03.2000
10 Shehu Kristo  01.03.2000
11 Dyrmishi Pavllos 12.11.1999
15 Kakosaios Georgios 19.02.2000
23 Zografakis Panagiotis  26.12.2000


Panathinaikos at the Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup:

First participation


Youth Players of Panathinaikos:

Angelo Basinas (100 Länderspiele) | Ioannis Goumas (44) | Georgios Karagounis (139) | Spyros Livatinos (27)

Tournament schedule Panathinaikos Athen
Time Opponent
1:09 pm -
1:29 pm
   1. FC Köln
2:18 pm -
2:38 pm
   TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
3:50 pm -
4:10 pm
   FC Bayern München
5:01 pm -
5:20 pm
   Hertha BSC
Time Opponent
11:01 am -
11:20 am
   Víkingur Reykjavík
1:25 pm -
1:45 pm
   1. FC Köln