Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup January 5 & 6, 2018

1. FC Köln

Noticeably different is the slogan of the 1. FC Köln, where people in and around Köln respect it wholehearted. Eighty per cent of the Cologne residents are particularly close to the FC.

However, there are also enough examples where the distance to the hometown Cologne does not matter, which Lukas Poloski proves best. Lukas Podolski is the figurehead of the FC-youth. He was ten years old, when he started at the FC and has made it to the world champion since then.

After a long break, the 1. FC Köln will arrive to the Glaspalast with a strong squat. Half of the registered players are national youth players; Darko Churlinov has played 28 international matches for Macedonia and the goalkeeper, Jan-Christoph Bartels, has already played 22 times for the youth national teams of the DFB. The most experienced in the team is without a doubt the co-trainer Kevin McKenna, with 140 Bundesliga games for the 1. FC Köln and 62 international matches for Canada.


Group B

Trainer: Stefan Rutenbeck

Co-Trainer: Kevin McKenna

Physiotherapist: Manuel Schardt

Team Manager: Manfred Sielaff



Player number Name First name Date of Birth
1 Barthels Jan  13.01.1999
2 Goden Kevin 22.02.1999
3 Samoilovs Bogdans  13.05.2000
4 Becker Dominik 09.01.2000
5 Sonnenberg Sven 19.01.1999
6 Akalp Kenan 30.05.1999
7 Jakobs Ismail  17.08.1999
8 Rittmüller Mavin 07.03.1999
9 Ostrak Tomas  05.02.2000
10 Karweina Sinan  29.03.1999
11 Churlinov Darko  11.07.2000
12 Müller Vincent  23.08.2000


1. FC Köln at the JuniorCup:

The team participated in 1992 and 1993, in each game eliminated in the preliminary round.


Youth Players of 1. FC Köln:

Yannick Gerhardt | Timo Horn | Bodo Illgner | Lukas Podolski

Tournament schedule 1. FC Köln
Time Opponent
1:09 pm -
1:29 pm
   Panathinaikos Athen
2:41 pm -
3:01 pm
   FC Bayern München
4:13 pm -
4:33 pm
   TSG 1899 Hoffenheim
6:15 pm -
6:35 pm
   Grasshopper Club Zürich
Time Opponent
11:25 am -
11:45 am
   VfB Stuttgart
1:25 pm -
1:45 pm
   Panathinaikos Athen