Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup January 5 & 6, 2018

Grasshopper Club Zürich

Because there is no U19 in Switzerland, the Grasshopper Club Zurich is playing in Sindelfingen with a mixed team of many U18 and a few U21 players of the youngest year.

Switzerland belongs to one of the best nations in promoting young talents. The difference between Germany does not only lie in different age limits, but also the promoting concept takes its own direction. For example, the Grasshopper Club does not have its own team up to U10. Instead of driving the children to the Grasshopper Club, the Grasshopper Club goes to the children, who are supposed to keep playing in their clubs. Qualified trainers coach the children on site. The promotion in the association starts at the age of 11.

However, the success speaks for the Grasshopper Club; the U18 of the club, also called “young hoppers,” leads the league in Switzerland after the preliminary round. The team will compete with six Swiss international players in Sindelfingen.


Group A

Trainer: Boro Kuzmanovic

Co-Trainer:: Timo Jankowski

Physiotherapist: Mike Harmsma

Head of Delegation: Roman Hangarter



Player number Name First name Date of Birth
1 Mujkanovic Alen 18.03.2000
3 Benbiri Yacine 22.07.2000
4 Barbosa da Silva André 27.08.2000
6 Kastrati Drilon 23.10.2001
7 Bajrami Mergim 02.05.2000
8 Fehr Fabio 15.01.2000
9 Rustemoski Amel 06.07.2000
10 Morandi Giotto 04.03.1999
11 Stevic Luka 22.07.2000
20 Dickenmann Marcin 14.08.2000
26 Makripodis Kosta 26.03.2002


Grasshopper Club Zürich at the JuniorCup:

1 participation 2014: fourth place


Youth Players of Grasshoppers:

Heinz Hermann | Marcel Koller | Stephan Lichtsteiner | Ciriaco Sforza | Alain Sutter | Johann Vogel | Steven Zuber

Tournament schedule Grasshopper Club Zürich
Time Opponent
12:23 pm -
12:43 pm
   VfB Stuttgart
1:55 pm -
2:15 pm
   Víkingur Reykjavík
3:04 pm -
3:24 pm
   Hertha BSC
6:15 pm -
6:35 pm
   1. FC Köln
Time Opponent
12:15 pm -
12:35 pm
   FC Bayern München
1:01 pm -
1:20 pm
   Víkingur Reykjavík