Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup January 6 & 7, 2017

Werk Untertürkheim

The Untertürkheim plant is the old time favorite team. They have won the first place five times, got second three times, and have made it to the third place five times. In 2016, after a tournament break of two years, the team accomplished a feat. Without a goal for the other side, they “only” made third place. Logically, this year the team wants the same result but a better position on the podium at the victory ceremony…


Team Officials
Lasse Bounin | Emre Ertekin
Amel Mujic | Nuno Miranda

Jörg Bedtke | Leon Dobler | Christos Dovridis
Atif Duman | Niklas Euhus | Tobias Friedel
Kwabena Frimpong | Philipp Gutsche | Igor Jelic
Can Korkmaz | Kadir Rüzgar | Tim Tropschuh


Employees: ca. 19,000
Trainees: 660
Production: motors, axles, gear components, including the preparation of casting and forging.
Founded in: 1904

Tournament schedule Werk Untertürkheim
Time Opponent
10:12 am -
10:21 am
   Werk Mannheim
11:36 am -
11:45 am
   Werk Hamburg
12:24 pm -
12:33 pm
   Werk Wörth
Time Opponent
8:39 am -
8:48 am
   Werk Kassel
10:03 am -
10:12 am
   Werk Bremen
2:50 pm -
3:10 pm
   Werk Sindelfingen